Manufacture, assembly and use of silk grenadine


The silk grenadine is designed on ancient looms dating, for the most part, from the nineteenth century.

These machines are present only in Europe and very few are still active today which creates a certain rarity. The daily production of a loom is extremely small given its age and the way of weaving.

For example: The above craft has a daily output of between 12 and 20 meters.


Cutting and assemblingGrenadine tie requires a rare skill that only a few workshops have the secret. From the Italian "garza" (maille in French) for its transparent appearancegrenadine must be accompanied by matching triplets for each color, so as not to create competition between colors.


At the border between woven bristles and knitwear, grenadine neckties offer new assortment perspectives and are therefore very interesting for cultivating your elegance and enhancing your bets.

There are two big families: the big knit, "garza grossa", and the little knit "garza fina"

Large mesh "Garza grossa"

By its previous creation, grenadine in large mesh is better known than the small mesh.

Distinguished by its relief and the depth it brings to the colors, this type of grenadine is ideal to bring body to an outfit.

United or two-coloredgrenadine ties subtly enrich a formal setting as more casual.

Anecdote: During his tenure, the former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, wore almost daily our grenadine tie big navy blue mesh.

He particularly liked the little reminder of red at the back reminding him of the legion of honor.

Fine mesh "Garza fina"

More discreet, fine grenadine can meet more formal requirements.

Its subtle reliefs allow to revisit the united without taking risks and many of you could assimilate it to a tie completely united.

Idea: grenadine necktie of fine black silk could quite sublimate an evening dress.

The fineness of the mesh is noticeable on this grenadine with dotted jacquard.

Grenadine ties are a great way to enrich your wardrobe and try something else.

The textures allow to revisit the classic colors bringing you a real richness and a new experience of the tie!

The desire to explore new colors and nuances has led us to significantly expand our range, which promises to be one of the largest in Europe.

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