Our Giro Inglese Fabrics

I will tell you about a beautiful and unique fabric: the Giro Inglese.

As you know, there are different weavings.

The different weavings

The weave of a fabric is the intertwining mode of the warp and weft threads.

It is the base laid at the time of weaving.

There are three basic armor: canvas, twill and satin.

The Giro Inglese has plain weave, ie a simple weave.

In the plain weave, each weft yarn passes alternately, at each row, above and then below each warp yarn. This makes the fabric relatively strong and durable.

The fabric has neither back nor place.

The peculiarity of the Giro Inglese is that it is composed of two different chains: one traditionally straight and the other intertwined with the first on the right and on the left at each passage of frame.

I like to imagine the weaving of the Giro Inglese with a braid.

Indeed, the interlacing of these two chains creates a hexagonal shape (as in a braid).


Giro Inglese means "honeycomb" in Italian.

And that's not trivial.

As you can see in the photo above, it's an open mesh weave that creates a hole pattern.

This particular weave gives it great breathability that makes it perfect for the hot season.

In Italy, the Giro Inglese is probably the most used fabric in the summer because it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear when it is dry and hot.

At first sight, the Giro Inglese is a luminous fabric.

When you touch the fabrics, it is delicate and remarkably elastic.

Its mesh, very ventilated, has a porous structure, due to the weaving of the bands of threads, white or colored. This is what gives it this grainy effect, making it very exclusive.

I will wear them with a woven silk tie to bring a light touch of reflection and thus raise the rather light color of these two shirts. Why not also wear them with a square-knit tie.

The rendering would be delicate.

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