Flannel scarves

I've never made scarves before. It was the first time I had ever embarked on the adventure.

Made with passion, I would like to tell you her story:

In winter 2016, following the success of my flannel ties, and while I was preparing my new collection along with my Italian supplier, Vitale Barberis Canonico (the oldest weaver of top-of-the-range wool fabric in the world), I had the idea of proposing something other than ties.

How about a scarf?

Having never worked and made my own scarves, I seized the opportunity.

I already had my own idea in mind.

I then talk to Marie, the cutter, and I see her hesitating, she wasn't sure about the result, but when she thought about it a little, she convinced herself to cut the fabrics to make scarves.

On my iPad, I was looking for dimensions that were available on the market.

I cut a standard dimension then found, pass it around my neck and tell myself that it is far too short, it falls to the second button of my shirt.

I've always been frustrated with scarves that are not generous enough.

never understood why the lengths of scarves were so short on the market.

So I asked Marie to add an extra 30 centimeters.

I iron it and find the ideal size, longer than what is usually done.

I was really happy with the result but not yet satisfied.

Back home, I call back my workshop and ask to cut a batch of scarves and roll them up by hand, like my pockets.

Rolling the edges of the scarves would allow the fabric to hold better and not fray.

If there is one thing I don't like about some scarves, it's that they hang very easily.

I therefore wanted to remedy this and add this little detail, which is not one (in the end).

The seamstress then told me that I was crazy, but I really wanted to test it.

Like what, even if the idea seemed crazy, I had to go to the end and see the result on the first prototypes.

The rendering of the first scarf was fine but something was missing, details that no one saw on a scarf (even if in itself no one sees wool scarves dedicated to costumes).

I thought of adding a cross finish on the edge of the scarf, a daisy and two travetti, details that are found on the sleeves of shirts to prevent the seam from jumping.

So I ordered 50 scarves from my workshop... and they left in only 1 week!

You will see that I also played with new tones of colour, especially to match the fabric to the small details of the scarf.

I created a beautiful set for both the rendering of colors and patterns (especially checkered).

I let you discover them...

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