What's the flannel fabrics ?

The flannel

Having started with the grey, navy and beige brown flannel scarves, I wanted to continue my work by working with the flannel in more unusual colours, notably copper and purple, but also to add unexpected details, in pink, fushia and ochre.

I love it.

I have always wanted to work with warm colours while adding details with lighter colours.

In winter, I have trouble wearing light colours such as pink, yellow, green, orange, fuchsia.

For me, they are summer colours. Whether they are pastel, cold or neutral, colours influence our emotions.

I finally decided to go into flannel.

As long as we offer flannel in scarves, let's also play with the summer colours by combining them with those of winter.

These details can also be combined with the use of socks, cufflinks, or even a suit jacket of the same colour, to recall the tones of the scarf.

Nowadays, flannel is very famous for its soft touch.

Of Welsh origin, flannel simply means wool.

Flannel can sometimes be seen as having a rustic appearance, but also excessively luxurious.

Purists love flannel because it is found in all possible variations but also with many different colours and patterns.

The great majority is composed of a mixture of 85% wool and 15% cashmere, the others 100% wool; which gives it this felty and soft side, flannel has many advantages when worn

For me, the most important thing about flannel is that it is almost wrinkle-free.

Many experiments have been done and it is probably the most resistant fabric we have ever created.

Even if wrapped around the neck all day long, its shape will remain intact by hanging it up or folding it in the evening.

Waterproof by its pressed fabric, it is not cold to the touch and on the contrary because it is worn, it provides warmth.

A little anecdote about the flannel

During the First World War, our French soldiers were dressed in flannel shirts to cover them with the freezing cold.

But not only that!

They also had flannel belts.

As a result, flannel has long been known for its warming properties.

The flannel remains, however, a very light fabric. And that's what makes it its main strength. That's why it fits perfectly with your winter coats.

The work of the flannel

I rolled the edges of the scarves so that the fabric would hold perfectly and avoid fraying.

By adding these precious details, namely the cross finish, our famous daisy and the two travetti, I ensure a perfect fit of the scarf.

So today, I no longer have this problem!

Both wrinkle-free and well sewn, the flannel is safe.

So I managed to combine aesthetics with comfort in a scarf.

I let you discover them...

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