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When I created my Made-to-Measure suits service, I immediately chose Drago, the Italian brand. Not only because of its beautiful fabrics, but especially because of the family I have appreciated for a long time, and the relationship I had with the whole workshop team. I will then explain in this post some historical points from their creation to the production, to which I give a lot of care and which fully justify their success. I want to share them with you. Enjoy your reading !

1973 : the founders of the Drago family created the historical spinning mill in 1973 in the Italian city of Biella, a real reference point for the main wool mills. Since then, the company has gained an important share of the market, becoming one of the leader in its field, and it was in 1980 that Drago has developed a network of international sales. By joining the company, the sons, Paolo and Daniela have followed targeted studies and innovative ideas, and therefore contributed to the expansion of the group.


Following a modern and innovative way, DRAGO is a fully integrated wool factory. Starting from a careful selection of the best raw materials, Drago produces internally more than 1.7 million meters of high quality strong fabrics and exports them all over the world. In addition to a strong presence on the Italian market, Drago fabrics are appreciated by the best international references, especially in Japan, Korea and the United States.


As I mentioned earlier in this post, Drago's productive structure is located in Biella. On the other hand, plants are based in Lessona and Verrone: the spinning department is equipped with machines of last generation and a modern laboratory for real time quality controls on fibres and yarns. In the weaving department, a modern frame is able to produce extra-fine fabrics; and in Verrone, the finishing department ensures the "hand" finishing of the fabrics. It is incredible to visit and discover for those who love the diversity of fabrics and the meticulous work of craftsmen. 


Drago is a family business : Umberto and Laura are the founders of the company, Daniela, the sister, manages the administrative area, Gabriele Mellina, Daniela's husband, joined the company as an IT manager, while Paolo's wife,  takes care of the "custom-made" division. This is what I like about Drago: a Italian family house, which has been constantly innovating and keeping its structure "at human size" since its creation.


Drago's management strategy is based on innovation and research. The House carefully selects the best wools from Australia and New Zealand, subjecting each batch to laboratory tests to guarantee customers the finesse parameters declared in the fabrics. The selected fineness ranges from Super 130'S to Super 210'S : from rare and valuable tissue to the more exclusive. White cashmere comes from Mongolia and is used alone or with the finest wool to complete their luxury line. Among the fibers used, there is also a beautiful selection of linen, silk and other special fibers to make sophisticated and especially precious blends ! This is mainly what I look for when choosing my fabrics for suits. Drago knows how to meet the needs of my customers by the fineness and the depth of its fabric colors.

High quality fabrics

Finally, Drago fabrics contain the values of the selection of the raw material and the excellent quality of the yarns that compose them. The Italian tradition is innovative to lighten the weight and give more modernity to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers. The attention to detail and the culture quality make Drago fabrics one of the most important choices among the International Men's Clothing Houses.. wide and deep) both in terms of colors and materials..

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