Cover buttons

Forgotten because they are rare!

Their particularity is finally none other than to hide your shirt buttons, those on your wrists or elsewhere.

Round or square, lacquered or brushed, silvered or gold plated, the button covers are worn in different ways.

They simply attach to the top of the buttons of your shirt to bring elegance and accessorize a rather formal outfit.

They also bring an original touch, even replacing your cufflinks !!

For the record, the button covers are not available... and even in France!

I was frustrated not to find any when it was part of male elegance for many years.

So I decided to go ahead and work on them.

I am the only one who still makes and sells them.

For me, I wanted to update these jewels which are generally worn for ceremonies, and especially weddings.

But many of my customers wear them on a daily basis.

They like to match them with a white or light shirt and a tie, sober, navy or beige.

My favorites are these rounded and silver button covers, in the shape of a crown.

I wear them with a white poplin shirt and a navy suit jacket.

My outfit remains modern with a touch of originality.

I let you discover them...

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