Our casual shirts : polo shirt and buttoned down collar shirt

Casual shirts are essential in any man's locker room.

On the eve of the rise of Mercury, we present our first casual shirts of the season!

The first one, very Italian : the polo shirt in sky blue oxford 

The other : the denim button-down shirt

Our polo shirt

We are very proud to present our interpretation of the polo shirt, an iconic piece of Italian style.

Not very common in France, the polo shirt arouses interest to the height of the myth that surrounds it.

Myth built by certain figures of the masculine style as Giovanni Agnelli, to whom the polo shirt is often associated. To build this unique piece, we made the decision to focus on the technique and the beauty of the work made by hand.

Thus, you will find five travetti on the capuchin paws, the throat as well as on the lateral slits.

Entirely lined, the cut-away collar confirms the Italian inspirations of our polo shirt.

Its opening and height are ideal for keeping the lines of the throat unbuttoned.

Finally, the chosen fabric is an Oxford fabrics by Thomas Mason from the "Journey" range.

Designed for travel, this premium range from the weaver's collection is made up of a thin selection of soft and resilient fabrics awarded by the AATCC: American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, an international reference for its certifications.

Our button-down shirt

Just as for our polo shirt, we wanted to focus on the technique offering a casual sartorial experience.

The collar, mounted in one piece, is called "one piece".

This type of mounting gives you unparalleled collar hold when your shirt is open.

Moreover, the height and the opening of this neck perfectly allows him to accommodate a tie which makes it a shirt that can be worn on weekdays AND weekends !

We hope that these casual models will please you and that they will allow you to discover sartorial art in a different light.

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