Where do our braces come from?

New models

Since the arrival of our new models, many of you have questioned us on the suspenders. So we decided to introduce you to our bicentenary supplier, its links with the cinema and the points to check before launching.

Initiated or not, we hope that these lines will help you to see more clearly in the wonderful world of the "braces" as they call them besides sleeve.

The Albert Thurston manufacture

Founded in London in 1820, Albert Thurston is at the origin of the braces in their current form.

A notable invention in men's accessories. For almost 200 years, the products have been hand-crafted in England, and in 1851, the house was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Hyde Park World's Fair for Product Excellence.

Thurston is well-known for its brand, but also for the white label for famous labels such as Gieves and Hawkes or Turnbull and Asser.

Albert Thurston and Hollywood straps

Like many times, suspenders are often used by stylists and costume designers to shape the world of certain films.

Thus, many actors embody a role under Albert Thurston straps. Among them: Steve Martin in "Leap of Faith", Michael Douglas in "Wall Street" or Leonardo Di Caprio in "The Great Gatsby".

To name nobody else but them… Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street, played by Michael Douglas, has influenced thousands of young financiers with his charisma and striped straps!

For his part, Daniel Craig opts for silk straps Moirée to accompany his costume Brioni in Casino Royal.

How to wear braces?

Many of us are skeptical about crossing the road, but as Oscar Wilde said, "Fashion is what one wears oneself".

What is unfashionable is what other people wear?

It's time to dress for yourself.

One of the great benefits of suspenders is the fluidity gain for your figure. On the contrary, the belt cuts your outfit in two and cups together.

To avoid making mistakes, check the following:

- The width of the bands must be in proportion to your frame.

- The fabric must be consistent with circumstances. We imagine silk for evening wear or tweed for the weekend.

- The attachment system is adaptable to your desires. For a traditional and perfectionist approach, you can sew buttons inside your pants and use the leather system.

For convenience, pliers are also provided.

- Check that your straps are three straps, Y, for a better fit on the shoulder. 

Our selection of braces

Our attraction for products of excellence led us to select our suspenders at Albert Thurston while emphasizing the diversity of colors.

For the development of plain straps, our choice fell on the "cotton ribbon" which allows a beautiful density of colors while being more resistant than silk.

From red to orange, to royal and navy blue, our selection can adapt to all occasions.

In this perspective of variety, do not hesitate to try original bets (why not with a pretty green bottle or a deep purple!). We also offer some models with black or brown leather fasteners, depending on the color of the shoes you wear.

To complete this collection of braces, we have also have developed woolen models in partnership with the English weaver Dugdale.

The latter manufactory was founded in 1896 and is a pillar of the British textile industry.

A nod to the Bespoke Tailoring industry, our Prince of Wales and chevron motifs subtly assert our outfits!

You are welcome to discover our wide range of suspenders from our beloved supplier !

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