My 7-fold tie collection

A very special piece

I wanted to create a very special piece to remember my grandmother.

Faced with its success, I have never stopped making them since.


Because they are rare and very difficult to find. Most of all, they require a very particular know-how.

And I like to do what no one else does.

The 7-fold ties require a real traditional know-how. Today, there are only about ten of us left in the world to do them.

And it really motivated me. Like many of my pieces I like to propose what is no longer done, or almost done...

My 7-fold ties bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing and contemporary fabric assembly.

You will notice that I did not hesitate to add small sartorial details such as the buckled toilet thread or the saddle stitch.

I just wanted to wink at the manual work of saddlers in leather goods by making this specific type of stitching.

To do this, we use two needles fixed on the ends of the same yarn that are alternately passed over and under at each point.

On our ties, the stitches are every 2 to 3 mm.

What's the use of the saddle stitch?

Simply add a little touch of colour, embellish the product, make it unique.

I love details that don't show up at first glance.

When the accessory becomes essential.

In fact, I have already told you that I like to say that "elegance is what you can't see".

A complex and hidden work

The wearer knows that he has a piece of art around his neck but others do not perceive it.

At first glance, it looks like a normal tie... When you turn it over, you discover this work of perfection.

That's what I find exciting.

To make a 7-fold tie, twice as much material is used and twice as long as it takes to make a normal tie.

It is therefore a very greedy tie both in terms of material and manufacturing time.

It is therefore normal that it has a higher cost than a 3-fold tie.

The saddle stitch ending with a travetto (closing reinforcement) and the looped toilet thread, so that the fabric takes its place after wearing.

I let you discover them...

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