PISCINOLA Shirt * Our cotton flannel has properties adapted to a urban use. The wool fibres give it a cosy and fluffy look. Heavy, flannels have a fuzzy appearance and tend to drapes, which flattens the silhouette. A flannel shirt should be combined with "warm" materials in a formal setting, such as cashmere, knitted silk, or...flannel!

Passionated since 1997

My name is Frédéric Costa and I'm the creator of Howard's Paris. For 20 years, I have been creating collections of shirts and ties by infusing each product with my passion and sharing it with you.

After four years at BMW as a mechanic, I was contacted by Ferrari and it was then that my passion for shirts and ties was born. At that time, I had neither shirt nor tie to the height to pass my interview.

So I became interested in the men's clothing market and found it difficult to find products that I really liked. Frustrated by the offer that did not correspond to me, I embarked on the making of some prototypes of ties.

I liked the product, and the adventure started.

20 years later, I'm still here, more motivated than ever to share my passion with you!

I let you discover my universe ...



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