Dress shirts

From 149€

From the best business shirt to the formal white shirt.

Explore our collection of classic shirts, perfect for the office, weddings, and other formal occasions. Our cotton shirts come in Royal Oxford, poplin, or twill weaves.

Here, you'll find our classic Italian collar shirt, as well as the French collar or pin-collar, allowing you to explore new styles and discover your perfect shirt.


Casual shirts 

From 169€

Find the perfect style with our collection of luxurious everyday shirts.

Explore our range of casual shirts in denim, giro inglese, velvet, and chambray for a stylish everyday look.

Modern fit and unique details provide a casually elegant flair.


Howard's Paris Essentiels

Howard's Paris offers a range of essential shirts perfect for everyday. Discover our collection of white and blue shirts declined with 5 different collars: classic, Italian, cut-away, broken and pin-collar. As for the cuffs, they are either simple or musketeer. Leur matière 100% coton vous assure un certain confort et une facilité d'entretienThese shirts are very versatile as they fit all styles (business or casual). If you'd like to check out all of our shirts, go to the dedicated category.

Passionated since 1997

My name is Frédéric Costa and I'm the creator of Howard's Paris. For 20 years, I have been creating collections of shirts and ties by infusing each product with my passion and sharing it with you.

After four years at BMW as a mechanic, I was contacted by Ferrari and it was then that my passion for shirts and ties was born. At that time, I had neither shirt nor tie to the height to pass my interview.

So I became interested in the men's clothing market and found it difficult to find products that I really liked. Frustrated by the offer that did not correspond to me, I embarked on the making of some prototypes of ties.

I liked the product, and the adventure started.

20 years later, I'm still here, more motivated than ever to share my passion with you!

I let you discover my universe ...



Did you know ?… Grenadine ties

From italian word « garza » - gauze in english - for its transparent appearance, grenadine must be accompanied by assorted interlinings for each color.

Between woven fabrics and knitted ties, grenadine ties offer new assortments perspectives and are therefore very interesting to cultivate your elegance. There are two main families: the large mesh, « garza grossa » and the small mesh « garza fine ».

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